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Tips for Talking with your Disfluent Child

Tips for talking with your disfluent child. Stuttering is a speech/language impairment characterized by disruptions in the forward flow of speech (or “speech disfluencies”). These can look like repetitions of whole words or parts of words, prolongations of sounds, or complete blockages of sound.

Here are some tips for talking with your disfluent child

  1. Talk to your child slowly and clearly
  2. Avoid comments like “talk slower”, “slow down”, “think about what you are trying to say” and “take a deep breath”
  3. Avoid drawing attention to the disfluent moments (don’t hold the child’s face or tell them to “look at me”)
  4. Provide positive verbal praise for talking (i.e., “you are a good talker” or “I like the way you said that”)
  5. Don’t correct or interrupt him when he or she is talking
  6. Listen patiently until the child is finished speaking *maintain consistent and appropriate eye contact
  7. Respond the same to disfluent speech as you would to fluent speech
  8. Delay your responses to allow for more pauses
  9. Reduce the number of questions you ask your child *Instead of asking questions comment on what your child has said
  10. Don’t make your child practice saying certain words or sounds


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