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Everyday Activities to Help Develop your Child’s Language Skills

Take advantage of language opportunities in everyday activities.

Talk about EVERYTHING you are doing, what you see, and where you are going.

*Use snack and meal times to increase vocabulary

  • talk about how things taste, feel and look.
  • encourage your child to request various food items (start by offering them two choices)
  • bake cookies together and follow a recipe making sure to emphasize sequential vocabulary (first, second, third)

*Read to your child daily– stories, poems, nursery rhymes, etc.

  • talk about the stories while you are reading
  • ask your child to predict what happens next.
  • ask follow-up questions (re-cap information after every page or two)
  • practice summarizing or re-telling what happened in the story using specific vocabulary (first, beginning, second, middle, then, next, last)
  • model these responses to provide an example of what this would look/sound like

*Help your child practice thinking in categories by dividing pictures and objects into  groups

  • begin at a very basic level, (i.e., sorting pictures into categories of “things I like” and “things I don’t like”)
  • move onto colors, shapes, functions, beginning and ending letter sounds…the possibilities are endless

*Use fun activities and games to teach vocabulary and language skills

  • play games involving “spatial terms” (i.e., under, in front of, etc.)
  • play games that focus on following directions (i.e., “Simon Says”)
  • play games that encourage descriptive language skills (i.e., “I Spy”)
  • engage in imaginative play with your child–follow their lead and see where it takes you

**Just Remember**Talk about EVERYTHING: recap your day, your grocery store experience, your trip to the zoo…ANYTHING!

Make sure your child knows that you want to hear what they have to say!


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