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Chicago Speech and More reccomends ArtikPix app

Chicago Speech and More recommends the ArtikPix iPad app for improving your child’s articulation.

With so many apps out there it is hard to know which are worth your time and money! Chicago Speech and More recommends the ArtikPix by Expressive Solutions LLC for helping to improve your child’s articulation skills.

ArtikPix is available on both the iPad and the iPhone and is a great tool for both parents and speech pathologists.  The app provides numerous, exciting and colorful pictures that target speech sounds in all word positions (initial, medial and final).  ArtikPix uses flashcards and matching games to engage children and provide repeated opportunities to produce target sounds—as an added bonus, kids learn new vocabulary words along the way!

Whether using the app for traditional articulation drill therapy or for a game of “memory”, ArtikPix has a built in scoring feature that allows you to keep accurate data of up to four children at a time.   This is especially helpful for school speech-language pathologists. Imagine- a fun activity and an accuracy tracker all in one!

What makes ArtikPix so great that with just one app, you have hundreds of picture cards at your fingertips.  Say good-bye to lugging twenty packs of articulation card cases and hello to the future of speech therapy.


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