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Chicago Speech and More’s Favorite Holiday Activities

Chicago Speech and More recommends making a Ginger Bread House

Chicago Speech and More’s Favorite Fun and Easy Holiday Activities

It might be getting cold outside but there are many fun indoor holiday activities you can do with your children this weekend. Here are some of Chicago Speech and More’s favorite holiday language enriching activities.

Make a fun holiday card
Making a card can provide many opportunities to use various vocabulary words and language concepts. Begin with a piece of construction paper and discuss with your child which way to fold the paper (don’t just do it for them). Practice writing a message with your child on the inside of the card. Depending on the age and ability of your child, help them to create a message. It is usually best to draw lines on the inside of the card to give your child a visual area to write on. If your child isn’t able to write independently but can copy written work, draft the message together, write it on a separate piece of paper and have your child copy it onto the card. If this it too advanced for your child, have them dictate the message to you. Create a fun and decorative cover for the card. Chicago Speech and More recommends the 3-D cotton ball snowman card. For more information visit:

Make a special holiday gift
Rather than going out to the store and buying gifts for your loved ones, Chicago Speech and More recommends creating gifts with your children. Everyone loves a picture frame—why not spruce up the easy and timeless Popsicle Stick Picture Frame.  While you are crafting make sure to use sequential vocabulary like “first, “next”, “then” and “last” and talk through the entire project. Sort the various items into colors, sizes and shapes before putting them onto your frames.
Check out this website for some creative and fun ways to make this gift a real keeper:

Make delicious holiday treats
What is better than eating tasty holiday treats? Making them with your children! Chicago Speech and More recommends making holiday cookiesFollowing a recipe is a great way to encourage language and direction following with your children. You can use sequential vocabulary (see above), positional vocabulary and introduce new baking vocabulary (measurements, utensils). When baking, the possibilities are endless…you can go as simple as making holiday cookies (all you need are some cookie cutters, frosting and sprinkles) or check out this coconut snowmen recipe:

Building or designing a Gingerbread House might just be the most fun you and your children will have this winter. You can either purchase a kit at your local grocery store or make a house from scratch.  While slightly more difficult, making the house from scratch will lead to: brainstorming, problem solving and a lot of laughs!  When decorating your gingerbread house discuss patterns, colors, shapes and sizes with your children.  Try the various candy and talk about how they taste and feel in your mouth.  Most importantly– Have Fun!  Here is a recipe for a Children’s Gingerbread House:

These are just a few of Chicago Speech and More’s favorite holiday activities but the fun doesn’t have to stop there! Language opportunities are everywhere so make sure to talk about everything: each step you are taking, why you are doing it, how to do it and encourage your child to do the same. When you are done with your projects recap what you did and ask your child about it—maybe while sipping a cup of hot chocolate☺?

Chicago Speech and More hopes your have a fabulous weekend!

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