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Speech Therapy and Yoga

Chicago Speech and More recommends the ABC Yoga Cards for Kids.


We live in a fast-paced, stress filled world. We could all use a little yoga in our lives. For the past six months I have been starting my mornings with a yoga class and it has changed my life. At first when the alarm went off at 5:30 am I wanted to throw it across the room. These days, I find myself only snoozing once and then rolling up my yoga mat to hit the studio. As someone who stresses out A LOT, I can honestly say that yoga is a must!ABC Yoga Cards for Kids

I started using the Learn with Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for kids with my students in our speech therapy sessions last year with great success. The ABC yoga cards are colorful and easy to follow. In addition they also provide great language activities. Research has shown that learning is enhanced through movement.

Incorporating just 3-5 minutes of a yoga warm-up started our speech therapy sessions off right. My students were more grounded, engaged and calm. After just a few weeks, students had memorized the “flows” and knew which position came next and how to execute the poses. Their yoga practice improved, as did their language skills.

Why not start your day, speech session, class, or activity with yoga? There is no better way to get your kids ready to learn!

Speech therapy and yoga go hand in hand.


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