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Top 10 Reasons In-Home Speech Therapy is the Best

top 10 reasons why in-home speech therapy is the best

Although speech therapy is offered in a variety of settings, in-home speech therapy services offer the most benefits. Read Chicago Speech and More’s Top 10 Reasons Why in-Home Speech Therapy is the Best.

10. Convenience: You don’t even have to leave your house.  No driving, going out in the cold, or spending money on gas—Chicago Speech and More comes to you!

9.  Functional: Incorporate vocabulary and language that is necessary and used on a daily basis.  Samantha will work with you and your child to create and obtain meaningful speech and language goals.

8. Natural: Nothing is more natural than your child’s home.  Moving from the therapy table in the “speech room” to your living or play room just makes sense! Rather than just practicing speech and language skills in a contrived therapy setting, skills will be taught, practiced and used in the most natural setting-your home.

7. Family Involvement: Chicago Speech and More works with the child, parents, and other family members to ensure the best outcome possible. Instead of just dropping your child off at therapy, you will be an active participant in your child’s treatment.

6. Face-to-Face: In-home speech therapy allows for you to work directly with Samantha to best help your child.  She will model techniques and instruct you on various strategies proven to elicit speech and language.  Face-to-face meetings allow for opportunities to discuss progress and make changes to your child’s treatment plan.

5. Repetition: Rather than just practicing speech skills once a week at the therapy table, parent involvement will allow for continuous practice of these skills.  After working with Samantha and your child, you will be able to incorporate therapy into your daily activities.

4. Carry-over: Being an active participant in your child’s therapy plan will enable you to help your child carry-over skills into a variety of settings.  You and your child can practice in the car, in waiting rooms, at the grocery store, at friend’s houses- the possibilities are endless.

3.  Monitoring: No one knows your child better than you.  You will be able to observe how your child functions in a variety of daily, natural settings and compare that with their performance during speech therapy sessions.  This information is invaluable and can guide you and Samantha as you measure and create treatment goals.

2. Personal: In-home speech therapy sessions provide a laid back and personal experience.  Your child will be seen individually and Samantha will work with your family to ensure your personal wants and needs are met.

1.  It just Makes Sense!

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