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Phonological Process: Backing

Phonological Process: Backing


Phonological processes akids phonological process backingre patterns of errors used by children when attempting to produce adult-like speech.  Most children demonstrate some of these processes when acquiring language.  While these error patterns are common and often times typical, if they persist past a certain age they become atypical.  Backing is a common phonological process.

What is backing: 

Backing, a type of substitution error, occurs when children substitute a sound that should be made towards the front of a mouth with a sound that is produce further back in the mouth. For example, a child attempting to produce “tar” might say “car” instead.  Backing is common and can occur with many sounds.  Some additional examples are when a child says “can”/(tan), “goo”/(do), “bye”/(guy), “shoe”/(sue).

Should I be concerned if my child is backing?

As with most phonological processes, backing is very common and is present in many young children’s speech.  Usually this process corrects itself as the child’s speech and language skills become more mature.  Backing is typically eliminated between 3-4 years of age. If your child is continuing to demonstrate the phonological process of backing beyond the age of 4, it is recommended that you contact a speech-language pathologist.

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