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Chicago Speech and More Recommends “Wheels on the Bus” App

Chicago Speech and More recommends “Wheels on the Bus”Chicago Speech and More Recommends "The Wheels on the Bus" appApp


With so many apps out there it is hard to know which are worth your time and money! Chicago Speech and More recommends the “Wheels on the Bus” app by Duck Duck Moose for encouraging your child’s language and motor development.

 “Wheels on the Bus” is available on both the iPad and the iPhone and is a great tool for parents and individuals that work with children. Singing and reading activities are very important for children’s skill development. The “Wheels on the Bus” app combines both (singing and reading) in a fun and engaging interactive-musical book.  Each verse of the popular children’s song has its own page. Children can tap various parts of the page to elicit sound effects and fun movements.  Touch the wheels to watch them spin,  tap the birds to hear them tweet, or push the horn to hear “beep-beep”.

The “Wheels on the Bus” app is a great way to work on language and motor skills with your children.  Sing along with the app and demonstrate the motions. Show your child how to roll their arms for the wheels or “swish” their arms to look like windshield wipers. My clients absolutely love this app and will request it each session.  Chicago Speech and More encourages you to try this app with children of any age.

To see other iPad and iPhone apps recommended by Chicago Speech and More, visit Sam’s Blog archives.

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