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Chicago Speech and More recommends Letter Factory by Leap Frog

Chicago Speech and More recommends Letter Factory by Leap FrogChicago Speech and More recommends Letter Factory by Leap Frog


There are so many toys, video games and DVDs to choose from.  Chicago Speech and More recommends the DVD Letter Factory by Leap Frog. If you are looking for something engaging and educational, Letter Factory is it.

Letter Factory is a fun and successful way to encourage early reading skills.  Popular Leap Frog characters take your children on a wacky phonics adventure. The video teaches the alphabet, letter names and letter sounds through fun and catchy sounds. Just wait, after a few viewings you will be seeing the songs along with your kids.

This video REALLY works.

After hearing and seeing the great success this video had with my students, I bought it for my four-year old nephew’s birthday.  I wasn’t sure if giving him a DVD for his birthday would start a major melt-down, but I figured it was worth a try. Honestly, how many toys can one little boy have?  When he opened the gift he didn’t get too excited but he didn’t cry either.  Thinking the video might not be too popular, my sister put in her car DVD player.  At least this way she could make sure it was watched. About a week later my sister called to tell me that not only was my nephew addicted to the video, my two-year old niece was as well.  After a few weeks both of them could identify every letter and provide the sound it made.  It was amazing.

I know there is some controversy over letting your children watch too much TV. While I wouldn’t encourage placing them in front of the tube for hours on end, the 35 minutes of Letter Factory will do more good than harm. Chicago Speech and More knows reading is so important! It is never too early to introduce pre-literacy and early reading skills to your little ones. Letter Factory is a great supplement to reading and discussing books with your toddlers and pre-kindies.

Leap Frog makes a bunch of great products but Letter Factory is by far my favorite.  I can’t stress it enough—the success is mind-blowing.  I have seen it work in numerous children and even those in my own family! I suggest it to friends, relatives and even my client’s parents.  Do your children a favor and purchase Letter Factory by Leap Frog as soon as possible.

For information on purchasing Letter Factory by Leap Frog click the link provided:

Letter Factory video by Leap Frog


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