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Spring Vocabulary List: Speech and Language Activities

Spring Vocabulary List: Speech and Language ActivitiesSpring Vocabulary List: Speech and Language Activities


Spring is Coming!  The days are longer, the birds are chirping and most of all the sun is out. Chicago Speech and More wanted to share the Spring Vocabulary List to be used for a variety of speech and language activities.

There is a lot of research behind the importance of incorporating meaningful vocabulary words into speech and language activities.  Not only does it teach new words, using meaningful vocabulary is functional. If we tailor therapy activities to include relevant material, our children will be more engaged and apt to generalize (carry-over) skills.

Below is Chicago Speech and More’s Spring Vocabulary List.  This vocabulary list can be used for a variety of speech and language goals. Depending on your child’s area (s) of need, this list can be modified for their intervention plan.

Chicago Speech and More’s Spring Vocabulary List

April daisy leaves spring cleaning
ball Easter May sunglasses
baseball eggs Mother’s Day sunshine
bat flowers news storm
birds green new temperature
bloom grass pollen thunder
Blue Jay grasshopper pouring tulip
break grow puddles umbrella
bugs hatch rabbit warm
butterfly hop rain weather
chick ice cream rain coat windy
cicada kite rainbow
daffodil lamb slide


How to Adapt the Winter Vocabulary List for Speech and Language Therapy

Speech (Articulation Therapy) Activities: If your child is working on a specific sound or group of sounds, simply find the target (sound/group/process) within this list.

  • Here are some examples of how to use the spring vocabulary list as a guide for articulation therapy:
    • /s/ is the target: slide, sunglasses, storm
    • /s/ blends: slide, spring cleaning, storm
    • /l/ blends: Blue Jay, flowers, slide
    • /r/: April, break, green, rainbow, umbrella, warm
    • multi-syllabic words: butterfly, cicada, daffodil, grasshopper, temperature, umbrella
    • Cluster Reduction: slide, storm, Blue Jay, slide, flower

Language Activities:  Depending on your child’s language needs, the spring vocabulary list can be adapted for their therapy.

  • Here are some examples of how to use the spring vocabulary as a guide for language therapy:
    • Sequencing: Have your child tell you various spring-related sequences (i.e., steps for getting dressed to play at the park, planting flowers, getting ready to go outside in the rain)
    • Re-telling/summarizing: Tell your child a story, using words from the winter vocabulary list and have them retell it to you.
    • Story-telling: Have your child tell you a spring-related story, using vocabulary from the list.
    • Categorizing: Generate a list of categories from the vocabulary list and have your child group the words (i.e., category groups: clothing, activities, weather…)
    • Conversation: Engage your child in a conversation about spring-related items.  Ask and encourage them to ask open-ended questions. (rather than yes/no questions) Model asking follow-up questions.
    • Describing: (Cut up the vocabulary list and put the words in a box.) Have your child choose a word from the box and describe the item without saying the word.

These are just some suggestions but the possibilities are endless.  Get creative. Add your own words and activities.

With the warm weather comes a ton of new vocabulary words. These activities can be done inside or outside. Go for a nature walk or just hang out in the backyard.   Just make sure to talk about what you are doing while you are doing it, afterwards and then again-later!

Chicago Speech and More hopes you have a wonderful spring season!

For more speech and language activities please refer to archive blog posts.

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