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Halloween Vocabulary List: Speech and Language Activities

Halloween Speech and Language ActivitiesHalloween Vocabulary List: Speech and Language Activities


Halloween is Coming! Leaves are falling. Temperatures are dropping. And pumpkins are out. Goblins, skeletons, witches oh my! Chicago Speech and More knows Halloween is right around the corner.

There is a lot of research behind the importance of incorporating meaningful vocabulary  into speech and language activities. Not only does it teach new words, using meaningful vocabulary is functional. If we tailor therapy activities to include relevant material,  children will be more engaged. When this happens, children are more apt to generalize (carry-over) skills.

Below is Chicago Speech and More’s Halloween Vocabulary List. This list can be used for many goals. Depending on your child’s area (s) of need, this list can be modified for their intervention plan. Use the Halloween Vocabulary List to generate fun speech and language activities.

Chicago Speech and More’s Halloween Vocabulary List

alien dark gravestone ninja tarantula
angel demon gruesome October terrible
astronaut devil Halloween owl terrify
autumn disguise hat party thrilling
ballerina dress-up haunt pirate tomb
bat eerie haunted house potion tombstone
black cat elf hayride pretend treats
blood evil headstone pumpkin trick
boo eyeballs hocus pocus RIP trick-or-treat
boogey face paint horrify robot vampire
broomstick fairy howl scary vanish
candy fangs jack-o-lantern scream wand
cape fall make-believe shadow web
carve fear make-up skeleton werewolf
cat firefighter magic skull wicked
cauldron frighten mask spell wig
cemetery genie monster spider witch
clown ghost moon spider web witch hat
costume ghoul moonlight spook wizard
cowboy goblin mummy spooky wizardy
cowgirl goodies night strange zombie
creepy grave nightmare sweets


How to Adapt the Halloween Vocabulary List for Speech and Language Activities

Speech (Articulation Therapy): If your child is working on a specific sound or group of sounds simply find the target (sound/group/process) within this list.

Here are some examples of how to use the Halloween list as a guide for speech therapy:

  • /s/ is the target: spook, face paint, sweets, etc.
  • /s/ blends: scary, skeleton, spooky, etc.
  • /l/ blends: black cat, blood, clown
  • /r/: robot, creepy, October, werewolf, etc.
  • multi-syllabic words: ballerina, Halloween, October, skeleton, etc.
  • Cluster Reduction: spooky, scary, blood, clown etc.

Language Activities: Depending on your child’s language needs, the Halloween list can be adapted for their therapy.

Here are some examples of how to use the Halloween vocabulary as a guide for language therapy:

  • Sequencing: Have your child tell you various Halloween-related sequences (i.e., steps to carve a pumpkin).
  • Re-telling/summarizing: Tell your child a story, using words from the Halloween list. Have them retell the story to you. Everybody loves a good ghost story.
  • Story-telling: Have your child tell you a Halloween-related story. Urge them to use words from the list.
  • Conversation: Engage your child in a conversation about Halloween-related items. Ask and encourage them to ask open-ended questions (rather than yes/no questions). Model follow-up questions.
  • Describing: Cut up the list and put the words in a box. Have your child choose a word. Your child describes the item without naming it.

These are just some suggestions but the possibilities are endless. Get creative. Add your own words and activities.

Halloween brings a ton of candy and new vocabulary words. These activities can be done before Halloween, during and after. Get in the spirit and have fun! Just make sure to talk about what you are doing while you are doing it, afterwards and then again-later!

Chicago Speech and More hopes you have a wonderful Halloween!

For more speech and language activities please refer to archive blog posts.

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