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Questions About Chicago Speech and More (5)

Where does therapy take place?

Therapy takes place in the most natural setting–your home! Chicago Speech and More serves Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

When are sessions offered?

Chicago Speech and More provides speech therapy sessions during the day, after school and in the evenings.  Samantha will work with your family to determine the time that works best with your schedule.

How often should speech therapy occur?

The frequency of speech therapy sessions depends on your child’s needs.  Samantha at Chicago Speech and More will work with you and your child to determine what best meets  your goals.

How long is each speech session?- Chicago Speech and More

Speech sessions typically last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The length of sessions depends on your child’s age, speech and language needs, and developmental age.  Samantha at Chicago Speech and More will work with you to determine the correct length of your speech therapy sessions.

What should I do if my child is going to be absent?

If you know ahead of time that you need to cancel or change an appointment, please let Samantha know and she will try to reschedule your session.  If you need to cancel the day of your appointment, please call Chicago Speech and More (847)774-0582 as soon as possible.

Your Child's Speech and Language Skills (5)

Should my 1 year old be talking?

A child’s first words typically appear between 10-18 months.  A first word is when your child is using the same word (or sound) with meaning- to refer to the same object consistently.  There is a great deal of variability at this age and some children start speaking before 12 months while others do not acquire their first word until 18 months.

At what age should my child be able to produce specific speech sounds?

Just as every child is different, each speech sound’s acquisition age is different. Every sound has it’s own age range  of when children should produce that sound correctly. Check out the speech sound development chart to see when typical children generally master each sound. Mastery is achieved when the child is using the sound with 80% during conversations.

* If you child is still having difficulty producing a speech sound after the specified age it is recommended that you seek advice from a trained and licensed speech language pathologist.*

What should my 1 year old’s speech and language skills be?

There is a great deal of variability amongst children’s speech and language skills and acquisition at young ages. According to the Child Development Institute, typical speech and language skills at 12 months include:

  • Uses 1 or more words with meaning
  • Understands simple instructions
  • Practices inflection

What should my 2 year old’s speech and language skills be?

Between 18-24 months, most children typically undergo a “Language Explosion” where the vocabulary increases dramatically resulting in anywhere from 50-1,000 words by the time they are two.  According to the Child Development Institute regarding speech and language skills, a 2 year old typically should be able to:

  • Name a number of objects common to his surroundings
  • Use at least two prepositions (in, on under)
  • Combine words
  • Have a vocabulary of approximately 150-300 words
  • Use two pronouns correctly (I, me, you) *I and and me are often confused
  • Respond to commands “show me your eyes”

What should my 3 year old’s speech and language skills be?

According to the Child Development Institute regarding speech and language skills, a typical 36 month old should be able to:

  • Use pronouns I, you, and me correctly
  • Use some plurals and past tenses
  • Know at least three prepositions (in, on, under)
  • Know main parts of body (I.D. on self)
  • Use 3 word sentences
  • Have around 900-1,000 words
  • Have about 90% speech intelligibility
  • Understand most simple questions
  • Relate experiences
  • Give name, age and sex
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